I haven’t forgotten you

Hello my mad lovelies,

I just want to say that I haven’t forgotten you or this blog. It’s just that I’m really trying to focus on my recovery right now and finding it very hard to write. My medication is still changing regularly, I’m in an out-patient program that meets daily, and I’m just plain exhausted. Lithium totally zapped my ability to string together sentences and find words, but the good news is that I’m weening off the toxic substance and starting a new med (Abilify). Have any of you tried Abilify? What were your reactions to it? Did it help you? I’m hoping it helps me because I’m getting awfully fed up of feeling like a medication guinea pig.

I love you lovelies tons and wish you love and light,



P.S. Here’s a puppy to make you (and me) smile

Golden Doodle

13 thoughts on “I haven’t forgotten you

  1. Abilify did nothing for me except charge a $90 copay (yes, with insurance). Have you tried lamictal? Or depakote? Good luck – hope it is more useful for you!!

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  2. Actually, luckily for you Abilify just went generic. It can still be expensive, depending on your insurance, but it is a lot cheaper. I’ve been on it for about a year and a half. It worked really well for me for a few days and then we stopped Effexor XR and then it stopped working. Of course when we started Effexor XR back up, it didn’t start helping again. But since it did help at first I’m still on it.


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